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Being a leader and pioneer in the sectors in which it operates, Bronz Automotiv Inc. employs competent employees in line with its corporate values in order to add value to its success. Adopting the principle of “Continuous Development”, Bronz Automotiv attaches importance to the personal and professional development of its employees and organizes trainings for this purpose.

With its corporate values, Bronz Automotiv offers its employees a business environment where differences are respected and principles such as equality, reliability and honesty are adopted. Bronz Automotiv carries out valuable projects with its innovative, dynamic, expert staff who act with team spirit.

Ethical Rules

The functioning of ethical rules is realized through the disciplinary committee. Accuracy and honesty are the primary principles in the operation of all processes. Equality is an indispensable element in all Communications and activities.

It acts in accordance with the rules specified in the laws and regulations, and expects this from its employees. It conducts its working procedures and relations in a fair, respectful manner to society and the environment. It always aims to develop the brand by keeping the quality standards in the foreground and works within this thought.

Career at Bronz

Bronz accepts being among the preferred companies that are happy and proud to be a part of the family, energetic, passionate, open to innovations, and have a working environment with broad vision.

While realizing these purposes, ethical behavior rules; It determines it in a management approach that respects human rights, is fair to its employees and gives the value they deserve. Ethical codes of conduct are in line with the personnel regulation.

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