Personal data categories to be processed, personal data to be processed, purposes of processing, persons to be transferred, methods of collection and legal reasons, The identity of the data controller and the rights I have were explained in detail and clearly, and this information text was read by me.

I know that the personal data belonging to me within the company are subject to the regulations stipulated under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other legislation.

In order to obtain the necessary information regarding my rights under the Personal Data Protection Law:

1- I have received and read a copy of the Employee Candidate Clarification Text,

2- I accept and declare that I have read and understood the Personal Data Protection Clarification Text.

I hereby declare that the Company is processing on the specified data of me, Identity, Communication, Data Related to Family Status, Personal File Data, Education, Work and Professional Life Data, Reference Information, Location Information, Financial Data and Health Data and Union. I know that my personal data of special nature of Criminal Conviction is being processed.

Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection legislation, the personal data requested from me by your Company or collected by your Company upon my approval, the job application form and personnel file documents, in connection with the purpose of processing, in a limited and measured manner; I have been informed that it may be possible to keep it on computers outside the company, to send e-mails and to access the records from the said computers, the systems where this data is kept and transferred, cloud service providers, data centers for software, e-mail providers, databases may be located abroad. I accept transfers with my express consent.

I declare that I knowingly and voluntarily give my consent to the transfer of my personal data that you have stated above to abroad for the purposes stated and as explained above.

I am also aware of my right to withdraw my express consent granted to me by Law No. 6698, in case my will regarding express consent changes.

If there are matters that you do not wish to give consent;

1- Data You Didn’t Give Consent to: ……………………………………………..

2- Transfer Groups You Do Not Give Consent to: (Please indicate in relation to the relevant data)……

Name and surname: