Laser Cut Rotor and Stator Lamination for Motors and Generators

Bronz Otomotiv Inc. is one of the laser cut stator lamination production industry located in Turkey. Especially, we produce rotor and stator lamination parts for motors and generators. Thanks to the worldwide delivery advantages, we can provide different lamination parts for your motors and generators in different continents of the world.  You may check out our quality certificates and productions equipments easily.

What is Rotor and Stator Lamination?

The concept of the rotor and stator lamination defines gluing two different parts together. The stator (inductor) is the non-rotating static part on the outside of rotating electromagnetic devices such as electric motors, alternators, generators, biological rotors. The stator represents one of the two basic components of the motor. The other is the rotor, the moving part of the machine that makes it work. In the use of rotor stator lamination dies, the disc-shaped sheet is pre-prepared; or the plates are stacked on top of each other and removed all in one cut. As Bronz Otomotiv Inc., we’re working with zero mistakes; this saves our customers valuable time.

Why Bronz Otomotiv Inc.?

Lamination sheets can be automatically packed in the mold in the desired lengths at the printing stage when desired. Our company is constantly renewing itself to meet the demands of our customers and with new investments; and always equips its equipment with the latest technology.We welcome you to our factory to see our rotor stator lamination molds samples and to get more detailed information about our production. You’ll find our contact details below easily.

Laser Cut Rotor and Stator Lamination
Bronz Otomotiv Inc. - Laser Cut Rotor and Stator Lamination

You can contact us for special rotor and stator manufacturing demands via +90 (312) 504 45 48  phone number, e-mail and filling the quotation form below. 

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