Information Security Policy

Bronz Otomotiv is aware that corporate information is extremely important both for itself and for its stakeholders. For this reason, it has established a lively and constantly developing Information Security System that adheres to security.

Bronz Otomotiv, by applying the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard; ensured and secured the existence, integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of all information in the asset inventory.

In the Information Security System activities;

  • Continuous and constant improvement in risk analysis and processes,
  • To fully comply with the laws and contractual terms with third parties,
  • To ensure that its own personnel are also a part of this system, and to maximize their effective participation in ISMS and their compliance with awareness and security requirements,
  • It aims and undertakes to minimize information security breach incidents and to turn the experience gained from these incidents into opportunities.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

By renewing our OHS policy in line with the current conditions and developments, we will follow the chain of practices mentioned below for its continuous development.

  • We see people as our most important value,
  • We undertake to act in accordance with the applicable OHS-related legal regulations and other conditions of the country in which we operate.
  • We accept creating a healthy and safe working environment as a basic principle,
  • We develop methods, create targets and management programs to create a sustainable OHS management system and continuously improve its performance,
  • To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases; We identify and evaluate OHS risks and take measures to reduce them,
  • We work to create a safe working and living culture and to raise awareness in our employees and suppliers,
  • We work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization with our OHS practices.

Quality Policy

Our organization considers providing services at the level of quality above the expectations of our customers as its main goal. For this to happen;

  • Quality improvement will always be encouraged.
  • Adequate and qualified personnel will be allocated for each service.
  • Scientific and technological developments will be followed and necessary ones will be used.
  • Quality of the materials to be used will be prioritized.
  • Continuity of quality service will be ensured by resolving possible problems as soon as possible.
  • Environmental compatibility will be considered in our service planning.

It will be ensured by the contributions of all our employees so that we can be preferred as a principled and honest company that abides by the laws and regulations, fulfills its commitments on time, as it has been until today.

Environmental Policy

Bronz Otomotiv Inc., in all its activities, aims to protect the environment, to continuously improve, to use natural resources effectively, to comply with the law and to prevent pollution, to reduce and separate the wastes generated during its activities at the source and to recycle them, accepts the most appropriate methods to be disposed of as the basis of its environmental policy.

Within the framework of this policy;

– To organize training activities in order to raise awareness of our employees, all 3rd party companies and related parties about the protection of the environment,

– To keep the possible effects on the environment under control and to use appropriate technology to minimize it,

– To follow and comply with legal, international legislation and customer requirements in order to prevent environmental pollution, to continuously improve environmental performance,

Commit and declare to the whole public.

Integrated System Policy

Integrated System Policy (Entegre Sistemi Politikası)

Bronz Otomotiv, in the national and international arena, in the shaping of flat steel pipes and box profiles with appropriate processes, in the production of externally supplied machining parts in accordance with technical data,

  • To renew and develop itself in a competitive environment, to be among the leading companies in the sector,
  • To produce high quality products in accordance with the National and International Quality Standards, in the most economical, fastest way and to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level,
  • To continuously improve the Quality Management, Environment and OHS System in line with customer expectations with technological developments and the participation of our motivated employees,
  • To be the manufacturer sought by all our customers and institutions,
  • To increase our competitive power and market share in the market,
  • To continuously improve the performance of all processes included in integrated management systems, applicable national and international laws, regulations and other obligations, products and services in accordance with relevant standards, with the participation of employees and employee representatives, and to make this a corporate culture,
  • To protect and develop our common interests in cooperation with our relevant parties, suppliers and employees,
  • Reducing and protecting environmental pollution by using natural and energy resources efficiently and reducing in-house waste,
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts and ensuring sustainability in all processes of products until the end of their life cycle,
  • To create a sustainable occupational health and safety culture in our company, to provide a safe working environment by eliminating the factors that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases,