Bronz Automotiv, taking into consideration while producing the generally accepted quality control criteria for the continuity of the quality standards and the continuity of the quality production / service understanding; accepts input quality control, intermediate quality control, output quality control, sampling quality control, etc. and operates these criteria regularly.

In addition to the generally accepted quality control criteria, it continuously performs internal audits with a set of specific control criteria such as department quality control, machinery-equipment quality control and workforce quality control, along with criteria specific to its sector.

Thanks to these adopted criteria, the source of error is determined for improvement of all operations/operations outside the acceptable tolerances and the necessary actions are taken for corrective and preventive measures by presenting them to the quality board, which meets regularly and carries out its activities.

In summary; all activities from order stage to production, from production to shipment, from shipment to accounting process, all operations from the entry of raw materials to the facility and leaving the facility as processed products are measured, tracked and reported with certain criteria, thus ensuring continuity and efficiency in quality.

Some of our equipment that we use for measurements during the quality control phase are listed below, our equipment is regularly calibrated for high precision and success, and renewed as a requirement of the era/industry and supported by new investments.

Faro Arm Quantum S 3D
Johnson Blok
1000mm Digital Caliper
Standard Digital Calipers
With the motto, we will add our new machines to our track very soon and we will publish them in this field as soon as possible...