Rewinding solutions for bigger motors in marine sector

Rewinding solutions for bigger motors in marine sector

The bigger motors in marine sector will need high-tech facilities and experienced team for winding and rewinding processes. As Bronz Otomotiv Inc., we offer high-quality rotor and stator production for bigger motors rewinding in marine sector with our technological infrastructure and professional team. With our special equipment, we provide services for rewinding and testing generators and all kinds of motors in marine sector. After the repairing, rewinding and reconditioning processes, your motors and generators will be in a better situation compared to the old times. Our team is specialized in bigger motors rewinding in different sectors like marine, wind and hydro.  Specially to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of rewinding for marine sector

Easy installation : First of all, easy installation is the major advantage of rewinding process. We deliver you the correct, newly rewound part so that you can have both the old and the new generator cores in front of you while you install the replacement. It will be very helpful to accelerate installation process for our customers.

Fast rewinding : Our company gives you the best possible time for rewinding solutions. We are aware that time is important for you and your business.


Affordable prices : We provide cost effective parts and working expenses for your requirements. That makes us competitive in the industry.