Rotor and Stator Manufacturing

As Bronz Otomotiv, we provide world-class solutions in rotor and stator manufacturing for the repair of large-capacity generator machines. Our company has a special manufacturing area dedicated to precision laser cutting for the component manufacture of electric rotary machines and electromechanical industry. Our latest technology and high-precision machines offer high levels of performance and, unlike traditional production methods, can be used for both prototyping and large-scale production batches.

High Precision Laser Cutting

– Rotor & Stator Lamination Parts Production
– Rotor & Stator Stacking
R&D, Prototype
Mass Production
Repair, Rewinding

Why Bronz Otomotiv?

  • Cutting with high precision
  • High-level technology
  • ±0.04 mm production tolerance
  • 0.02 mm burr thickness
  • Professional engineering team

Raw material qualities that we keep in stock

M230 50A C6,
M235 35A C6,
M250 50A C6,
M270 50A C5,
M290 50A C3,
M310 50A C3,
M400 50A C5,
M400 50A C6
Rotor and Stator Production​
17 Years Experience

Rely On Our Experience

You can contact us for special rotor and stator manufacturing demands via +90 (312) 504 45 48  phone number, e-mail and filling the quotation form below. 

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