Rotor and Stator Lamination Parts Production for Rewinding Companies

Bronz Otomotiv Inc. is manufacturing to the all global brands of winding and rewinding companies all around the world. Today, our company provide special solutions for rotor and stator lamination parts production for rewinding companies in different countries and continents of the world. Our services are available for marine, hydro and winding sectors, especially for biggest motors and generators.

What is Rewinding?

Especially for bigger motors, purchasing a new one may cause high-amount of expenses in today’s world. So, many company prefers to contact with rewinding companies to renew its motors. If you are told that your motor needs to be rewinded, it means that the coil is shorted, grounded or damaged. The concept of electric motor rewinding contains three major points: removal or stripping of the winding, inserting and connecting new winding and insulating the complete winding. 

Why Bronz Otomotiv?

Finding the best rotor and stator lamination production company is a kind of complex task for different sectors. With experienced engineer team and international ISO certifications and IATF standards integrations, Bronz Otomotiv Inc. is the leader solution partner for you. You should work with an experienced team for rewinding works and should also research the technical capabilities of the company. If you want to get detailed information about our company, you’ll find contact details and get quotation form below this text.

Rotor and Stator Rewinding Company

You can contact us for rewinding demands via +90 (312) 504 45 48  phone number, [email protected] e-mail and filling the quotation form below. 

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