Silica Sheet Metal Cutting

As Bronz Otomotiv Inc., we provide silica sheet metal cutting solutions for rotor and stator parts used in the core of your motors and generators. As it is known, silica sheet products are metal products that provide high productivity thanks to the silicon they contain. For this reason, it is very beneficial to make the cuts with the laser method using high technology. At this point, we produce precision cutting solutions for your engines and generators, as Turkey’s most experienced and expert team in the field of silica sheet cutting.

Laser Silica Sheet Metal Cutting

Laser cutting is a method used for cutting metal materials. The main reason why it is preferred more often than other methods is that the metal removal rate is lower and the deformation can be reduced to minimum level. As Bronz Otomotiv Inc., we provide precise and successful applications for your sheet metal cutting with our high quality machinery and our experienced team.

Silisli Sac Kesim

You can contact us for special silica sheet metal cutting demands via +90 (312) 504 45 48  phone number, e-mail and filling the quotation form below. 


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